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Take a deep breath, and be thankful you can....                       
Hello, my name is George Fox and this site
is dedicated to my son Phoenix. Phoenix is
an 8 year old boy who was born with a rare
form of muscular dystrophy called Pompe
disease.  Through this site we hope to raise
awareness about Pompe disease and also
let you follow us in our quest for a cure. As
with many diseases or medical conditions,
the  main common denominator in finding
breakthroughs in science, is money. Funding
scientific research, in our case, is primary
goal number one.
Phoenix at 3 yrs old, before his
Education - (the most important gift you can
receive in life)- is the basis of the Phoenix Fox
Research Fellowship. As someone once said, you
can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or
teach a man to fish and feed him for life. Using
this simple principle we have decided that it is
research that will not only help phoenix one day
but all the millions of people in the world who have
diseases that not only control their lives but
threaten them as well...
The picture (above) shows the only
time, in Phoenix's entire life, to date,
that he has ever stood in a vertical
position without the assistance of
others and without the use of his
stander. The flotation suit is very
unique because it lets him "float" in a
vertical position and in this case his
feet are in the sand. So, for a brief
moment in time, he is standing like
everyone else.

All I want is you
"Although the
world is full of
suffering, it is
full also of the
overcoming of
Helen Keller
Please visit our new web site at PHOENIXFOXFOUNDATION.ORG  To help
fund research for children with neuromuscular disease please go to the University of
Florida Foundation web-site and specify
Fox Research Fellowship or click link. You can
also visit Phoenix's store at the Town of Tioga in Gainesville, FL. The name of the store
Down-To-Earth,  proceeds from sales go directly to research.  
Phoenix was born in Islamorada Florida in July of 2002. When he was
diagnosed, at the age of 6 mo, we decided the best thing for him was to pack
our bags, sell our house, and move to Gainesville Florida. It was Gainesville,
and the University of Florida, that seemed to offer the best hope for Phoenix.
However, in November of 2005 he got to take a trip back to his tropical
paradise with his great friend Taylor. They loved the boat rides, the fishing,
and the beautiful water, we can't wait to one day return home.  
In May of 2006 Phoenix had his
second case of pneumonia. The
second time proved to be more
troubling. After a long battle we
had to decide to give phoenix a
tracheotomy, it saved his life. The
picture at right was the last picture
of Phoenix before his tracheotomy
was performed.
If you are in the Gainesville
area please stop by
Phoenix's store. The name
of the store is
DOWN-TO-EARTH and it is
located in the Town of
Tioga. (on-line soon!) A
percentage of all proceeds
will go directly to
Nero-muscular research
here at University of
Florida. Our on-line store
will be
coming soon.
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